Make Your Own Cupcake Squishies


Ignite your child’s senses! With this kit it will be a piece of cake to get creative. Cupcake lovers will have fun decorating their very own scrumptious treats (but don’t really eat them!) This craft kit includes all the supplies they’ll need to design two colorful cupcake squishies. Your child can create unique cupcake designs, then have fun squishing them and watching them bounce back to their original shape.

This Cupcake Squishy Craft Kit includes the following:

  • Two customizable cupcake squishies (2.5″w x 3.25″h X 2.5″d)
  • Five vibrant non-toxic fabric markers to create eye-catching designs they’ll love to show off
  • A small, reclosable, easy-to-carry bag (10.5″w x 8.75″h x 1.2″d)
  • ArtsBot sketchbook
  • ArtsBot stickers
  • Project tutorial
  • Fun Facts
  • TSA Compliant