I Am A King


Amari just wants to play with his friends and have fun! The only thing his parents want is for him to
stay alive and be proud of who he is, no matter what the world says. With all the upheaval in the
world, Amari's mom has decided it's time for «The Talk.? which African American mothers are
delivering all over the world. «The Talk "is for sons who need to know how to conduct themselves in
the face of law enforcement. Some people feel that this may be overly dramatic but most know it saves
young men's lives.
I Am A King opens on the night that Amari's mom decides to skip the disturbing nightly news to turn
her son's bedtime into a compelling journey through the rich history of Africa and the extraordinary
contributions that African Americans have made to the world. Amari is amazed at the colorful stories of
Africa's Kings, Queens and riches which never make it into the history books. Haunted by the negative
portrayal of young African American boys and men that he sees on the news, Amari realizes the beauty
of the untold story of African American people that will change his view of himself, forever. With a
new twinkle in his eye, Amari realizes what all young African American boys and men need to know:
I Am A King.