Grandma & Me


One of New York Magazine’s Best Gifts for New Grandparents, According to Grandparents

Don’t just give a gift…give an experience!

Grandma and Me: In the Kitchen Activity Kit includes everything Grandma and her grandchild need to cook up meaningful conversations, enduring connections, and moments that become memories.

Read! Cuddle on the couch or connect over Zoom to read the delightful storybook, What If You Were a Chef at the Zoo?

Craft! Personalize a keepsake child-size apron and potholder with the included fabric paint.

Share! Record favorite family recipes and the treasured stories behind them in the Activity Recipe Journal.

Connect! Spark meaningful discussions with the thoughtful questions on the Conversation Cards.

What’s Included:

- 32-page hardcover storybook, What If You Were a Chef At the Zoo?

- A potholder for Grandma

- A kid-sized apron for a grandchild

- Fabric paint for decorating and personalizing the apron and potholder

- Activity Recipe Journal with prompts to record family stories, memories, and recipe

- Conversation cards to inspire meaningful moments between the generations