Snail Robot


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Build your own pet snail and watch it glide across any surface.

Create the Snail Robot with friends, or for a fun and engaging family night activity. The life-like movement of the snail, which measures 18 cm long when assembled, will keep you all entertained.

  • INCLUDED IN KIT: Front hinge connector, gear joint holder, battery case holder, back hinge connector, front body base, front hinge (2), left back hinge, right back hinge, short peg (8), long peg, medium peg, movement joint, left eye, right eye, back body base, front body top, motor, shell (2), battery case, battery case cover, gear axle, small gear, googly eyes (2), foam foot (4), small screw (5). REQUIRED BUT NOT INCLUDED: Small Phillips head screwdriver and two (2) AAA (1.5 volt) batteries.