Rainbow Surprise Doll Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose

Kid Focus


Make D.I.Y. slime fashions with Rainbow Surprise™ by Poopsie™. Unbox 20+ surprises including a gorgeous 14" doll with beautiful, brushable hair. Will you get Rainbow Dream™ or Pixie Rose™? Unroll the package for the longest unboxing experience ever. Inside, find D.I.Y. slime powders and fabulous fashions with clear details, ready for a rainbow slime surprise! Make D.I.Y. slime and add it to your doll's transparent fashions to totally transform her look.

• 1 Rainbow Surprise Doll – 4 to collect!
• Design Slime Fashions:
   1 Jacket, doubles as slime storage
   1 Outfit, doubles as slime storage
   1 Pair of Shoes, doubles as slime storage 
   1 Purse, doubles as slime storage
• Make your own slime, just add water
  4 Slime Packets
  2 Magic Packets
  3 Shimmer Packets
  1 Sparkle Packet
  1 Highlighter Packet
  1 Bottle
  1 Measuring Cup
  1 Spoon 
• Comb