Lil' Hugs 12" Baby's First Doll - Hispanic


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JC Toys 12" Baby's First Soft Doll in Pastel w/ Rattle. Hispanic.


Hispanic Lil' Hugs your baby's first doll! JC Toys understands how important it is to give your baby the best. That is why we have created a soft, plush baby doll with all the sounds and colors that babies enjoy most. The right hand of the doll holds a cute rattle and the left hand and feet make a "crinkly" sound to keep your baby entertained. Allow your baby to have fun and begin using their imagination! Lil' Hugs is 12" long and comes in safety tested and mother approved, and are easy to wash and care for. Our snuggly Lil' Hugs babies are perfect for all ages birth +.